Real Estate Law

Minnesota Real Estate Law Attorney

When it comes to real estate, you want an attorney who looks out for your best interests. For 25 years, Kyle Bailey has been doing just that, finding workable solutions and being an effective advocate in many real estate matters.

Many real estate issues are at the transaction phase. While many transactions are made without any problems, there are times when things can go a little awry. Having a Minnesota real estate attorney in place on the front end of the transaction can help it move smoothly. You also have the benefit of early legal intervention in case a problem comes about. This helps protect your interests and limit the amount of money that goes into the process.

Types Of Real Estate Matters

There are many issues that Kyle Bailey and his staff can handle, such as:

  • Residential and commercial transactions
  • Commercial leases and disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Zoning and land use
  • Mortgage and foreclosure
  • Real estate litigation, such as property disputes
  • Eminent domain and easements
  • Homeowners association issues, including serving as counsel to HOA boards

It doesn’t matter if you are renting, buying, selling, developing a property, or you need to develop a property and you need legal guidance, there are certain rights afforded to every party involved with the transaction or action. Overlooking the slightest detail can result in unexpected expense. Because real estate law can be so complicated, it is best to not leave any loopholes open or anything within an agreement that is questionable or can be taken for something other than what it is.

Finding Effective Solutions

Whether it is an issue with a mechanic’s lien because a property owner didn’t pay a contractor for their completed work or a commercial or housing development issue, you have access to a Minnesota attorney who knows real estate law and can use that knowledge to find an effective solution that protects the rights of all individuals involved.

We can even help resolve quiet title disputes, which happen when there is a question as to who owns the title to a certain piece of property. This is something that occurs when a piece of land has been neglected for quite some time or inherited and there is no survey showing who owns what property or there is a survey and a deed that says something completely different. There are ways to resolve these issues and we can strategically find these solutions and execute them.

Minnesota Real Estate Law Lawyer

Real estate law can be complicated because of the laws that must be followed and the technicalities. This means that there can easily be holes in a real estate agreement that expose you to liabilities. Fortunately, Kyle Bailey has over 25 years of experience that can be applied to your individual situation so a satisfactory resolution can be reached. To find out more about how he and his staff can help you, call 763-541-0320 to schedule a consultation.