Power of Attorney

Minnesota Power Of Attorney Lawyer

Establishing a power of attorney is very important because it means having someone make decisions for you when you are unable to. These are very important financial and medical decisions that affect your life and the lives of your family members.

You can discuss with your power of attorney beforehand what you need for them to do in case you become incapacitated so that they know of your wishes. If that time comes, they can then make living decisions for you. If a power of attorney is not put in place, then the court makes important decisions.

Types Of Power Attorney

Your Minnesota power of attorney lawyer can help you decide which type of power of attorney is going to work for you. The types are:

  • Springing power of attorney – This type of POA only goes into effect under certain circumstances. For instance, it goes into effect when a person is legally incapacitated.
  • Durable vs. not durable – You can use a POA only for a specific transaction. If that is all you need it for, then you don’t want a durable power of attorney. If you opt for a durable POA, then that person has the right to make decisions when you are incapacitated. If it is not durable, it terminates after a specific transaction or transaction type

The type of power of attorney you wish to have depends upon what you are more comfortable with and how much you trust the person you are giving this power to.

Health Care Power Of Attorney

A health care power of attorney is not the same as a living will or advance health care directive. Documents like living wills give instructions to the individual in charge of making decisions. A health care directive also gives instructions to the decision maker and the medical staff. If other medical decisions need to be made in the meantime, the health care power of attorney dictates the decision making process. For example, the medical staff may need consent for a specific procedure to be done. The person who holds health care power of attorney can do this. It is important to talk to your Minnesota lawyer about who you would like to designate as your decision maker so you know your wishes will be carried out.

Contact A Minnesota Power of Attorney Attorney

In the case that you cannot make decisions on your own, designating a power of attorney means your wishes being carried out and certain tasks being performed when you cannot perform them. Financial decisions, medical decisions, and other living decisions are the responsibility of the power of attorney you designate, which remedies a great deal of confusion for your family. To designate your power of attorney or to learn more about what we can do for you when planning for your future, call us at 763-541-0320 for a consultation.