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How to Write a Last Will and Testament in Minnesota

A Last Will and Testament is simply a document that allows you to transfer your property when you die, to persons you name. The will also allows you full use of your property while you are alive. The law does not require anyone to have a will. However, a will is a useful tool that gives… Read more »

Prepare for Divorce Mediation With These 5 Strategies

If you have found yourself facing divorce, you know that the journey ahead is bound to be challenging. Even if you and your soon-to-be ex spouse are cooperating with each other and have found yourself on good terms, it is likely that disagreements will surface. Mediation is one important component of divorce. In fact, Minnesota… Read more »

Using a Power of Attorney to Prevent Medication Errors

Being an effective caregiver for a loved one often involves many responsibilities, and one thing those looking after a family member must be aware of is medication errors. Mistakes with a person’s medication are thought to cause 7,000 deaths annually with about one million medication errors happening yearly in hospitals. Here are some tips for… Read more »

The Basics: Revocable Living Trusts

A revocable living trust is a popular planning tool that can be used to designate who gets your property when you die. The trust can also solve problems and answer questions that come up when distributing your assets. Most living trusts are designated as “revocable” because you, as the owner of the trust, can make… Read more »

Guidelines for Writing a Last Will and Testament

Writing a last will and testament is crucial for informing your surviving relatives and other loved ones your intentions for what should be done about your assets and property. Tragically, 55 percent of Americans die without having a will or a plan for their estates. If you’ve never made a last will and testament, here are some… Read more »

Transfer on Death Deed Information

TRANSFER ON DEATH DEEDS By Kyle R. Bailey, Esq.     Effective August 1, 2008, planning your estate just got easier for anyone with real estate in Minnesota.  This new Transfer on Death Deed (TODD), once executed by you and filed in the county where the real estate is located, transfers the real estate to… Read more »

Large Fines for Real Estate Misconduct Started with Whistleblower

A whistleblower blew the lid off of a multimillion-dollar scheme that involved the forging of documents so that lenders would be deceived into approving large loans for buyers who were not qualified to receive them. The three unlicensed individuals who were caught up in the real estate scheme were fined a total of $3.25 million… Read more »