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Wills & Trusts

Minnesota Wills And Trusts The will is the first thing that comes to mind when individuals think about planning their estates. This is because the will makes a person’s last wishes known to their heirs. While the will is a wonderful start, it is just one of many tools needed in your estate plan to… Read more »

Real Estate Law

Minnesota Real Estate Law Attorney When it comes to real estate, you want an attorney who looks out for your best interests. For 25 years, Kyle Bailey has been doing just that, finding workable solutions and being an effective advocate in many real estate matters. Many real estate issues are at the transaction phase. While… Read more »


Minnesota Probate Lawyer The word “probate” scares some individuals because they know it is a process that can lengthen the distribution of assets and it can also be rather confusing. This is a time when it is very important to have a Minnesota probate attorney working with you. This helps relieve a great deal of… Read more »

Power of Attorney

Minnesota Power Of Attorney Lawyer Establishing a power of attorney is very important because it means having someone make decisions for you when you are unable to. These are very important financial and medical decisions that affect your life and the lives of your family members. You can discuss with your power of attorney beforehand… Read more »

Medical Assistance

Minnesota Medical Assistance Attorney When it comes to planning for the future of the family, one of the most confusing assets is how medical care will be paid for. Unfortunately, someone who must go into a nursing home may run the risk of their assets being seized to pay for nursing home costs. The good… Read more »

Health Care Planning

Minnesota Health Care Planning Lawyer Planning for your future and the future of your family is very important. When making plans for your estate and for yourself, one area of focus needs to be the health care directive. The health care directive is a legal document that appoints an individual to make decisions for you… Read more »

Estate Planning

Minnesota Estate Planning Lawyer Kyle R. Bailey and his staff are pleased to provide clients with everything needed to have a solid estate plan. An estate plan is a plan that is put in place for the distribution and preservation of assets in the event of your passing. These plans can also benefit you in… Read more »